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East Middle School

  Welcome to East Middle School
Home of the Bulldogs

121 Longwell Avenue                                                      Principal:  Christian Roemer    
Westminster, MD  21157                                        Asst. Principal:  Kimberly Corbel
410-751-3656                                                             Asst. Principal:  Jen Branner
 FAX:  410-751-3660                 

At East Middle School: 
  • Students and Faculty are passionate about learning and are continously looking for ways to improve themselves academically and professionally. 
  • Students and Faculty believe in their hearts that the opportunity always exists to be better tomorrow than they are today. 
  • Students and Faculty are not afraid to take risks and view innovation as the pathway to greater and greater success. 
  • Students and Faculty are striving daily to reach and exceed the potential that lies within each of them. 
  • Students and Faculty confidently face and conquer whatever challenges lie before them.                                                            


We are a Green School , and we rely on parents reading the newsletters and monthly updates online.  (Accommodations will be made for families with no internet access.)