Improve Student Achievement:

All students will achieve at or above grade level through a rigorous, articulated, and aligned instructional program, and all students will be provided the skills necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century global community.
Optimize Resources:
Carroll County Public Schools will make maximum, effective, and efficient use of fiscal, human, and facility resources, which align with and support student achievement.
Provide a Safe and Orderly Environment:
Carroll County Public Schools will provide a safe and orderly environment for all students and staff.
Strengthen Communication and Understanding:
Carroll County Public Schools will communicate openly and honestly to foster a trusting and supportive relationship with parents, community members, business and public officials, and to foster mutual appreciation and respect for the diversity and commonality of our students, staff, and community.
Engage in a Process of School Improvement:
Carroll County Public Schools will align all school and system actions with the Objectives and Indicators of the CCPS Comprehensive Master Plan, while continuing to measure performance and ensuring all actions and decisions are contributing to the attainment of the Objectives and Indicators.