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WHS Teacher to Present Pictorial Tribute to WWII Veterans

Release Date: 10/14/2008 1:55:10 PM

Steve Bowersox, a history teacher at Westminster High School, has been conducting extensive research on Westminster High School’s role in World War II. He has identified over 500 people who attended the school who participated in the war and has put together a PowerPoint presentation on the topic.
Bowersox will present A Pictorial Tribute to the World War II Veterans of Westminster High on Wednesday, November 5, 2008, at 2:00 p.m. at the Carroll Arts Center. The presentation will include a collection of approximately 150 slides featuring photographs of former Westminster High School students who served in World War II.
Many of the soldiers pictured in the photographs are expected to attend, and members of the community are invited to help supply some of the details about local soldiers depicted in the program so that it can be updated for future viewings. Attendees can enjoy a performance by the Westminster High School Jazz Band as they arrive, and the school’s chorus will open the show. Admission is free.
Westminster High School students study World War II in Bowersox’s history class. As part of the curriculum, they read a book entitled Ordinary Americans, which discusses people who struggled during the war. One of the people featured in the book was Mary Speir, who lived in Westminster and whose husband was a professor at the college. Her son was the class president for the Class of 1941 at Westminster High School land was killed during the war. Spear did not fly the American flag and was accused of being unpatriotic. She said the flag was on her son’s coffin and was donated to his school. 
This story inspired Bowersox to research the school’s yearbooks and newspapers and make a list of graduates who served in the war. He also did research at the Historical Society of Carroll County. The photos he found are featured in the presentation. According to Bowersox, the project “is a way of making things real for the students.”

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