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Carroll County Public Schools to Introduce Financial Literacy in Middle School

Release Date: 9/17/2008 9:51:50 AM

The Carroll County Public School System’s statewide leadership role in providing financial literacy instruction to its students has now expanded to middle school. The school system is partnering with Provident Bank to bring “Stocks in the Future” to challenged students in grades six, seven, and eight at East Middle School. This program is a first for the middle school curriculum and will introduce students at this critical age to the concepts of saving, investing, and living on a budget.

The Carroll County Public School System firmly believes that this partnership will enhance learning opportunities and improve future contributions of students to the community. The budget for this three-year program is $2,000 per year. Without the generous support of Provident Bank, the school system would not be able to provide this program to students at the middle school level.

The mission of “Stocks in the Future” (SIF) is to stimulate underperforming students to improve school performance through the knowledge of financial skills. The curriculum targets students through weekly lessons that teach market factors impacting publicly traded corporations. Textbook readings, workbook exercises, and online research reinforce educational objectives.

As they learn investment fundamentals, students earn money by attending school regularly and improving grades in reading and mathematics. With the potential of earning $80 each year, they purchase publicly traded company stock which they track on their personal portfolio pages. When students graduate from high school and turn 18, stock ownership is legally transferred to their names.

“We are excited about this program and are very grateful to Provident Bank for giving us this opportunity,” said Charles Ecker, Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools. “Stocks in the Future supports the financial literacy goals we have set for our students.”

“Provident Bank has a proud history of partnering with our communities, especially in the areas of education and financial literacy,” said Gary Geisel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Provident Bank. “We are proud to support the Carroll County Public School System and the middle school students who will benefit from lessons that will last a lifetime.”

Carroll County Public Schools is one of the first systems in Maryland to mandate financial literacy courses as a requirement for graduation.

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