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Parents May Serve as Volunteer Coaches Beginning with Winter Sports Season

Release Date: 9/16/2008 3:23:07 PM

The Carroll County Public School System has reconsidered its position on parents serving in the role of volunteer coaches. Beginning with the winter 2008-09 season, parents may serve in this capacity. The help and support of athletic parent volunteers provides a valuable contribution to the education of students. Carroll County Public Schools recognizes that volunteers are an integral part of the program, the goal of which is that every one of our student athletes has an opportunity to succeed.
Parent volunteers are somewhat unique from other coaching volunteers in that their child is a member of the team. To avoid charges of favoritism, the school system has developed some additional guidelines/criteria to create an environment in which both the parent volunteer and the child have a positive experience. Listed below are the requirements for all athletic volunteers, along with those specific to parent volunteers:
  • All athletic volunteers must be approved by the team’s head coach, building principal, and Coordinator of School Facilities, Activities, and Athletics.
  • All athletic volunteers must successfully complete training on volunteering in extracurricular activities.
  • All athletic volunteers must complete a CCPS application for volunteer coaches.
  • All athletic volunteers serve in an assistant role, not in a disciplinary role.
  • Athletic volunteers will have limited supervision responsibilities.
  • Parent athletic volunteers will be assigned, whenever possible, to assist at a different level/position than that of their child.
  • Parent athletic volunteers shall not be involved in “playing time” decisions.    
Carroll County Public Schools reserves the right to limit the number of parent athletic volunteers on individual teams if an unmanageable number of parents apply.

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