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What’s New on CETV – Channel 21

Release Date: 11/14/2011 2:07:59 PM

Here’s what’s new on CETV – Channel 21:


Education Matters – Superintendent of Schools Stephen Guthrie discusses the newly approved school calendar for the 2012-2013 school year and why it looks a little different than most years.  He explains why the decision had to be made to wait to build a new Career and Technology Center.  Finally, he details the new Out-of-District guidelines and why making them less strict was best for the school system.


Instructionally Speaking – Runnymede Elementary School – In this program, special education teacher Andrea Warnick and ILA specialist Cyd Pecoraro join host Steve Johnson to discuss Runnymede Elementary School. They detail interesting programs going on at their school, like the Linus Project.  They also explain why they feel like Runnymede’s great teachers, students and community involvement make it an excellent school environment.


CETV Newsmakers: On the Positive Side – In this episode, several Baltimore Ravens players surprise Sandymount Elementary School students by joining them for a day of fun and activities as a part of the NFL’s Play60 program. Join Interim State Superintendent Bernard Sadusky as he tours Westminster Elementary School and the Judy Center to see some of the great things going on in Carroll County schools. Check out the photos from the Shiloh Middle School History Club’s “Never Forget 9/11 Memorial Fun Run”, and feel the excitement as Robert Moton Elementary teacher Vanessa Childs and her class receive surprise gifts from OfficeMax. Finally, learn all about the Career and Technology Center’s new Physical Rehabilitation class in the RSVP segment, created by a Career and Technology Video Production student.


Focus on Education with…


School Start Times – Mike Hardesty, Director of Transportation Services for Carroll County Public Schools, details information about the new school start times for the 2012-2013 school year and how the community can get more information about the changes.   


2011 Student Representative – Angela Bladen, Student Representative on the Board of Education of Carroll County, explains what it takes to become a Student Board Representative and urges students to get involved in their school and Student Government. 


2011 Teacher of the Year – Aaron Geiman, an agriscience teacher at North Carroll High School and the 2011 Carroll County Teacher of the Year, talks about why he loves being a teacher and how he plans to make the most of his time as Teacher of the Year.


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