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Release Date: 5/19/2011 10:37:45 AM

Education Matters – Superintendent of Schools Stephen Guthrie gives a wrap-up of the final decisions on both the 2012 school system budget and the Transportation Efficiency Study. He discusses why the school system gears up for the end of the school year and the summer, detailing some of the things that go on in the system during the months when students and teachers are gone. He also explains how and why the school calendar will be changing for next year.
Students Are Talking – Career and Technology Education and SkillsUSA – Four Career and Technology Center students join host Steve Johnson to discuss the Career and Technology Center and the SkillsUSA program. South Carroll High School students Cameron Logue and Victoria Frasco, Winters Mill student James Rawlings, and Manchester Valley student Jillian Porter give advice to students contemplating taking classes at the Career and Technology Center. Each of the students also received a gold medal at the state competition for the SkillsUSA program. They detail what goes into SkillsUSA and how it has benefited them on their career paths. 
Focus on Education: Student Edition - Manchester Valley and Winters Mill High Schools – In two programs hosted by Winters Mill High School student Valerie Dunn, viewers get a chance to meet two of Carroll County’s student athletes. In the first program, Winters Mill senior Craig Bowen explains how playing sports has helped him develop a sense of discipline in his life, both mentally and physically. In the second program of this series, Manchester Valley junior Katie White encourages students to never give up their passion and determination to try new things, including sports.
CETV Newsmakers: On the Positive Side – In this episode, county high school students attend the first ever STEM fair at Century High School, where they are exposed to STEM careers in a variety of fields. Sandymount Elementary students prepare an award-winning submission for a local film contest, and second graders at Cranberry Station learn to be consumers by creating their own pizzas at Pizza Hut. Finally, in the RSVP segment, check out “Too Pooped to Peep,” the Outdoor School’s submission to the Carroll Arts Center’s Peep Show.
Focus on Education with…
Sports Safety: Concussions – Jim Rodriguez, Supervisor of Athletics, details the new procedures that Carroll County Public Schools is using to help prevent and diagnose concussions in student athletes.  He discusses how educating students, parents, coaches, and school staff is one of the most important components to helping reduce concussions. 
High School Assessments – Gregg Bricca, Director of Research and Accountability, discusses the changes in the high school assessments for next year. He dispels the myth that government will no longer be taught, explaining that those classes are still required for a State of Maryland diploma, just no longer tested by an HSA. He also details other ways that students can pass the HSA tests for those students who have difficulty taking the individual tests.
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