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Elementary Schools Compete in Annual Math Tournament

Release Date: 5/11/2011 8:37:12 AM

Carroll County Public Schools will host the seventh annual 24 Math Game Tournament on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. at Cranberry Station Elementary School.
The coordinator of the competition, Michael Eisenklam, principal at Eldersburg Elementary School, emphasized that the tournament isn’t necessarily about competition. The main objective of the 24 Math Game Tournament is for students to implement mathematical thinking and strategies outside the classroom to promote their love of math.
A total of 60 fourth and fifth grade representatives from 15 CCPS elementary schools will compete in this county-wide competition. These representatives are selected by school-level 24 Game competitions, and the top four finalists from each school are sent to the county tournament.
The 24 Game consists of a deck of 48 playing cards, each of which shows a sequence of numbers. Students utilize addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills on the numbers on each card in order to reach the number 24. The level of difficulty of each card falls into one of three categories with 1, 2, or 3 points awarded for each card. The first contestant to solve the card is awarded that card’s respective number of points, and the winner is determined by summing the points acquired by the players after each round.
The tournament will consist of four rounds of competition, beginning with two rounds for all 60 school finalists, a top 16 round, followed by a top 4 round, and finally a championship round. All participants in the tournament will be awarded a certificate, ribbon, and various 24 Game paraphernalia. The winner of the tournament will be awarded an individual trophy, as well as a trophy to be housed in their school for a year until the next annual competition.

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