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What’s New on CETV – Channel 21

Release Date: 4/18/2011 4:01:20 PM

Here’s what’s new on CETV – Channel 21:
Education Matters – Superintendent of Schools Stephen Guthrie gives an update on how the school system fared at the end of the legislative session, including details on the bills passed regarding the pension system. He also gives further information on the Transportation Efficiency Study and the proposed changes to the bell schedules. He wraps up by recognizing the outstanding and unique awards presentation he attended for the Special Education Citizen’s Advisory Council.
Instructionally Speaking – Health and Physical Education – Linda Kephart, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education for Carroll County Public Schools, joins host, Steve Johnson to discuss the Health and P.E. curriculums in elementary, middle and high schools and tells parents how they can help their students live more active and healthy lives.
Focus on Education: Student Edition: Liberty and Westminster High Schools – In two programs hosted by Francis Scott Key High School student Megan Mayhew, viewers get a chance to meet two of Carroll County’s student athletes. In the first program, Westminster senior Beth Mahr explains why she believes that, along with teaching important time management skills, participating in sports develops character. In the second program of this series, Liberty senior Josh Danko encourages other students to enjoy every moment of their school and sports experiences.
CETV Newsmakers: On the Positive Side – In this episode, the whole school community at Ebb Valley Elementary School participates in the “One School, One Book” program, State Comptroller Peter Franchot presents West Middle School with the Silver Hammer Award for school maintenance, and the students at Taneytown Elementary School reinstate their school morning news program. Finally, check out the creativity in an Anti-Drinking and Driving PSA created by Video Production students from the Career and Technology Center in the RSVP segment.
Focus on Education with…
SkillsUSA – Mike Campanile, Masonry Instructor, and Tim Norwood, Culinary Instructor, at the Career and Technology Center are advisors for the SkillsUSA program. They explain SkillsUSA, why it is so beneficial to the students, and how the competitions prepare the students for real life job applications.   
Bullying – Tim Harrison, a Crisis Counselor at Francis Scott Key High School, and Christen Purcell, a School Counselor at Sykesville Middle School, talk about bullying in Carroll County Public Schools. They give details about types of bullying and dispel several common myths about bullying. They explain why and how students, schools, and parents need to work together to prevent bullying.
PNC’s “Grow Up Great” Program – Lisa Watkins, Sales and Service Support Manager at PNC Bank, promotes the partnership with Carroll County Public Schools and the company’s “Grow Up Great” program. She explains why early childhood education is so important to PNC and how the “Grow Up Great” program benefits our students.
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