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Levroney to Receive Minority Recognition Award for Education

Release Date: 1/4/2011 2:11:01 PM

Patricia Levroney, Coordinator of Minority Achievement and Community Outreach for Carroll County Public Schools, has been selected as an award recipient in the Maryland State Education Association’s Minority Recognition Awards Program in the category of Education.
Levroney works to address the needs of minorities in the school system and to promote multicultural education throughout the community. She develops school-based programs, provides staff development and training, and assists school improvement teams in their efforts to improve the achievement level of minority students. All Carroll County schools have multicultural programs and work diligently to create an awareness of the differences and commonalities in various cultures.
Among her many accomplishments, Levroney developed a series of minority family forums where members of the community receive information and are invited to share their thoughts and concerns. The forums play an instrumental role in helping to create a dialogue in the community. She also created a parent guide program where parents encourage and empower other parents in the school system to establish an environment of acceptance and respect, foster positive relationships between home and school, and help parents understand school system policies and procedures.
At the state level, Levroney’s accomplishments include the development of statewide professional development courses on diversity and Education That Is Multicultural. In recent years she has served as co-chair of a statewide conference on diversity and student achievement and was an active member of the coordinating committee of the 2007 National Association for Multicultural Education conference. She also has shared her effective educational strategies and resources as a presenter at numerous conferences.
According to Karen Ganjon, Director of Minority Achievement and Intervention Programs, “Pat Levroney is a talented educator who skillfully uses her gifts to improve educational opportunities for all students. Pat’s genuineness, her style, and her ability to inspire others are endearing qualities to all who are fortunate enough to work with her.”
The Minority Recognition Awards are presented to individuals who demonstrate leadership on public education issues, foster increased public understanding of public schools in American society, and promote a positive image of public education on behalf of students, parents, and educators. Levroney will receive her award at the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Observance to be held at Martin’s Crosswinds on Saturday, January 15, 2011.

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