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Carroll Teachers Recognized by State and National Agricultural Associations

Release Date: 7/23/2010 8:52:54 AM

Several Carroll County agriscience teachers were recently presented awards during the Region VI National Association of Agricultural Educators Leadership Conference. This conference, hosted by the Maryland Agricultural Teachers Association, took place from July 6-9, 2010, in Rockville, Maryland.
Joe Linthicum, agriscience teacher at Francis Scott Key High School, was a member of the planning committee for the regional conference, assisting with various activities for the participants. In recognition of his work on the planning committee, Linthicum received a Certificate of Appreciation from Region VI Vice President Ken Couture. Additionally, during the Maryland Agricultural Teachers Association (MATA) Awards Breakfast, Linthicum received two MATA Professional Excellence Awards. The first award was in honor of the Francis Scott Key Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter, due to the success of the FFA in Career Development Events and in recognition of the members with their American FFA degree. The second award was for Advocacy in Action, honoring Linthicum for publicizing the accomplishments of the Francis Scott Key FFA chapter and for sharing information on agricultural education throughout Carroll County and the state of Maryland.
At the same MATA Awards Breakfast, South Carroll High School agriscience teacher Terry Adkins was awarded the Outstanding Agricultural Education Teacher Award for 2010. This award, given to one winner per state per year, distinguishes members of the MATA who are conducting the highest quality agricultural education programs in the state. Among other things, outstanding teachers are evaluated on their teaching philosophy, effective classroom instruction, professional growth, and their students’ participation in agricultural organizations. The award recognizes leadership in civic, community, agriculture/agribusiness, and professional activities, and compliments the teacher for their students’ success in agricultural education. Adkins was nominated this year by three different people who stated that she “exceeds all standards of teaching effectiveness.” Her involvement in the school and in the community as Future Farmers of America Advisor and Envirothon Coach and her memberships on the Certified Professional Horticulturist Board and the State MATA Executive Board show that her interest and passion for agricultural education reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom.
Liberty High School agriscience teachers Clare Linfield and Katy Macleod were also recognized at the MATA Breakfast as Teacher Mentor and Teacher Turn the Key award recipients. The Teacher Mentor Award, presented this year to Clare Linfield, is given to one winner per state per year, and recognizes an experienced MATA member that has exerted a positive influence on the up-and-coming agricultural education teachers in the association. They are complimented for helping these new teachers improve their classroom, FFA, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE), and their marketing and community partnerships. The Teacher Turn the Key Award, presented this year to Katy Macleod, also is given to one winner per state per year, and recognizes up-and-coming members of MATA that are in their early years of teaching, and who have not attended the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE)convention. Winners of this award possess a strong and growing classroom, FFA, SAE, and involvement in MATA and NAAE development opportunities.
Diane Safar was awarded Outstanding Secondary Program at the MATA Awards Breakfast for her exceptional agricultural program at Winters Mill High School. This award, given to one winner per state per year, compliments teachers who have a well developed classroom and laboratory, where students consistently perform above standards. Outstanding Secondary Programs are also noted for their superiorly developed FFA Chapters, their strong partnerships and marketing programs, and their involvement in MATA and NAAE professional development opportunities.
Dick Weaver from North Carroll High School was recognized as Teacher of Teachers at the Awards Breakfast. This award is presented to any teacher who has had an agriscience student that has become an agriscience teacher. Weaver was the instructor for Heather Schaefer, who is now teaching at Hereford High School.

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