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Manchester Valley High School Service and Green School Activity Day

Release Date: 4/8/2010 2:33:03 PM

Manchester Valley High School will hold its first annual Service and Green School Activity Day on Thursday, April 22, 2010. The program was developed to support and coordinate with the international celebration of Earth Day.  By participating in numerous projects in the surrounding community of Manchester, Maryland, the students will demonstrate their commitment to service learning and global conservation.


Since the inception of the Green School Activity Day by the Student Government Association, students and faculty researched the needs of their school, surrounding residential and commercial areas, and feeder schools to develop meaningful projects. “As a new school community, we were formed with the knowledge that we have a responsibility to our environment and to our community,” states Tom Riddle, faculty sponsor of the SGA. “We then brainstormed to find activities that matched existing needs with our students’ strengths.”


Each student met with their Advisory group to choose projects best suited to their interests. Each student was given the opportunity to choose between 25 projects, allowing for a wide array of service learning opportunities in small group settings. The goals of the projects vary from encouraging Manchester’s youth to incorporate conservation into their daily lives, to researching the benefits of organic produce, to raising funds for a local charity. On April 22, they will break into their project groups, led by staff members and volunteers, and complete a project before the end of the school day.  Projects include:

  • Garden Boxes - Students will create live garden boxes that will be delivered to the North Carroll Senior Citizen Center complete with care instructions.
  • Photography - Students will take photos of natural areas surrounding MVHS and Charlotte’s Quest Nature Center. These photos will then be used to make collages, displays, and scrapbooks that encourage others to protect wildlife and natural places.
  • Video Production - Students will make a video documentary about this event to encourage future classes to continue their efforts.
  • Mulching and Gardening - Students will work to mulch and plant the grounds of MVHS. 
  • Water Quality - Students will learn how to effectively judge if a stream or body of water is healthy by testing the water quality in the stream on school property or at Charlotte’s Quest and documenting their findings in posters, displays, and presentations about the health of local water quality.
  • Plants and Business - Students will create planters for businesses along Main Street, thanking them for their support of the school and its Green School philosophy.
  • Park Clean Up - Students will travel to Christmas Tree Park and work to clean and beautify areas of the park.
  • School Yard Clean Up - Students will work to clean up the grounds of MVHS.  Students will particularly focus on the wooded area located behind the school. 
  • Bird & Bat Houses - Students will construct bird and bat houses to be placed around the property of MVHS. 
  • Organic and Local Cooking - Students will complete research on the benefits of using locally grown or organic foods and locate recipes using those foods.  Students will then prepare and sample different recipes using locally grown and organic foods
  • Trash Art- Students will use recycled materials to create different works of art. 
  • Blanket Making - Students will create fleece blankets for others in need.  The blankets that students make will be donated to local organizations like Shepherd’s Staff, NESAP, and/or the Women and Children’s Center.
  • Terrariums - Students will research what needs to go into a terrarium.  Students will also discuss how terrariums can model a mini ecosystem. 
  • Historical Research - Students will visit the town’s historical center.  Students will view the different displays and complete some research on different topics related to the town’s history.
  • Manchester Elementary Visit - Students will visit Manchester Elementary School and will lead the elementary students in different Earth Day activities.  They will prepare lessons for elementary students about the importance of protecting the environment.
  • Music Performance - Students will invite seniors from the North Carroll Senior Center to enjoy a musical performance.
  • Nature Hike - Students will explore the grounds of Charlotte’s Quest Nature Center, examining the different plant species on the property and how Charlotte’s Quest is working to preserve natural areas in the midst of a growing town.
  • Material World - Students will use the book Material World and the video Human Footprint as a means to study how different cultures use different resources and goods.  Students will also examine how topics like consumption and population growth have an impact on the environment. 
  • Goals for Good - Students will participate in a sporting event for the designated period of time.  Students will only be allowed to participate in this activity if they can get $30 worth of sponsorship before the event.  The sponsorship will then be donated to a local charity.
  • Reforestation - Students will complete a reforestation project near Manchester Elementary School.  Working alongside staff from Hashawha Environmental Center, MVHS will work to plant trees and create a natural buffer and habitat area.
  • Composting and Solar Cooking - Students will create a compost model on school grounds. Once finished, the students will participate in an exhibition on cooking with solar energy.
  • Lions Club Park and Pool - The Lions Club has requested student support to prepare their park and pool area for the spring and summer.  Students will help paint, clean up the area, and prepare the facilities for community use.
  • Charlotte’s Quest - Charlotte’s Quest has requested that some of our students help them prepare the grounds for their Spring Fest and the spring season.  Students might support Charlotte’s Quest by mulching, gardening, or clearing trails. 
  • Bioswale Project - Students will work with members of the Hashawha staff to plant native plants around the bioswale and wetlands on MVHS property.  This project will help reduce runoff and protect wetland habitats from human interference.  Hashawha and STEM staff members will instruct students on the importance of wetlands and the bioswale and how to maintain them.
  • Personal Care Packages - Students will make personal care packages which will then be donated to local charities like Shepherd’s Staff and NESAP. 
  • Technology for Senior Citizens - Students will invite senior citizens to the school for a crash course in technology including instruction on how to use the internet, set up email, word processing, or use a variety of other programs.

“We are very fortunate to have a school filled with students who have a strong sense of community,” says Shannon Zepp, Academic Facilitator. “Their excitement about projects benefitting their local and global environments is contagious.”  The administration at Manchester Valley High School is hopeful that this groundbreaking effort will result in future classes at the high school continuing this Earth Day event.

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