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2008 CCPS Education Foundation Awards

Release Date: 7/2/2008 2:30:53 PM


The Carroll County Public Schools Education Foundation presented its second year of awards on Friday, May 9, 2008. Donors, corporations, and Foundation volunteers traveled in three “Star Patrol” vans to give award winners the good news that their programs have been approved for funding. Winners received poster-size checks, corsages or boutonnieres, and balloons in recognition of their award. The schools that received awards and a brief description of the projects funded are listed below:

Carroll County Outdoor School
Steve Heacock, CoordinatorGreenhouse Native Plant Watering System
Outdoor School is erecting a greenhouse as an extension to the wetlands classroom however, to raise native plants efficiently, an automated watering system needs to be installed. An environmentally-friendly method has been designed to be a model for other school/community based plant nurseries. The system will include capturing rain water, storing it underground, using a solar-powered pump to drive the water pressure, and deliver the appropriate amount of water at the correct time. The Outdoor School nursery produces approximately 5,000 plants each year for use in ground wildlife habitat projects throughout the CCPS school system. Students attending the residential sixth grade program tend to plants and earn service learning hours and real world experiences.

Carroll County Outdoor School
Mary Hoy, Teacher Monarch Nursery Project
Outdoor School will build a raised bed monarch nursery filled with milkweed at every elementary school. Students will be able to collect monarch butterfly eggs from the nursery and raise them in the classroom. Butterflies will be tagged for monitoring then released for migration. This project would help Outdoor School infuse environmental education at every grade level and give students the opportunity to learn science through an authentic activity.

Century High School
Lorraine Thomas, Reading Specialist
Boys' Reading Class
The majority of students in reading classes are boys, but most books in the classroom library appeal to female readers. Various novels appealing to teenage boys will be purchased, with a rich selection of quality texts. Once they find novels that have appealing topics, the boys will be more likely to engage in reading.

Century High School
Thomas Delise, English Teacher
Shakespeare Factory Summer Camp
This camp is designed to help children learn how to have fun with the plays of William Shakespeare. It is held for one week in July and is open to students entering 3 to 9 grade. The students are guided each day through a series of interactive stations and allowed the opportunity to perform a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays on the final day of the camp.

Century High School
Kara Goff, Mathematics Teacher
‘Zome' Tools
This project uses Zome tools to support mathematics, algebra instruction, scale, number sense, symmetry, proportion, geometry, trigonometry, and much more. Zome is a construction kit that offers the ability for students to expand their objects in up to 61 different dimensions. A Zome-built object can be picked up, turned around, and examined from any angle.

East Middle School
Amy Whalen Metz, Crisis Intervention Specialist
‘Bulldog Bucks'
Bulldog Bucks is an incentive program designed to reinforce positive character traits while exposing children to basic banking and budgeting skills. This program is intended for use with students in the regional BEST program, who are identified as emotionally disturbed. It reinforces positive behavior, teaching students to accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions… therefore creating an atmosphere that is conducive to both academic and personal growth.

East Middle School
Celia Shaw
Reading Counts
This reading incentive program currently targets a seventh grade team of students and will be expanded school-wide. Reading Counts encourages students to read independently by making select novels available to students and then testing their reading comprehension skills via online assessments relating specifically to the novel which was read. A year-end celebration for students who achieve certain benchmarks will be held.

East Middle School
Lorene Livermore, English and Reading Teacher
2009 Shakespeare Festival
East Middle School sponsors three separate Shakespeare Festivals in April in an effort to better transition incoming 6 th graders and exposes them to the middle school culture. During each day of the festival, English I students run five interactive workshops for the visiting students to participate in, before performing the play Romeo and Juliet. Fifth grade students from four elementary schools attend the program.

Eldersburg Elementary School
Billy Kavalos, Physical Education Teacher
After-School Fitness Club
A collaborative project with Spring Garden Elementary School This partnership is designed to provide students with the recommended one hour of daily physical activity. Students will improve personal fitness levels through education and physical activity in an after-school fitness club. Providing students with activity and educating them on healthy living at this critical age will help them combat rising obesity rates and influence them to continue practicing healthy living. The club will be held twice a week for six weeks. Equipment and pedometers will be provided for the students. A tracking and reward system for the physical activity will be implemented and there will be a culminating track event at one of the schools.

Elmer Wolfe Elementary School
Charlotte Herbstsomer, Vocal and General Music Teacher
World Music Drumming
This is a curriculum of multicultural music that embraces not only music skills, but teaches work and community skills such as communication and listening, cooperative teamwork, and respect for others. Students will participate in special hands-on drumming experiences.

Friendship Valley Elementary School
Craig Dunkleberger, Mathematics Resource Teacher
Improving Number Relationships with ‘Digi-Blocks'
The mathematical manipulative Digi-Blocks allows students to actually see the math that they are doing and help them build a conceptual understanding of mathematical operations. Students will use the digi-blocks to compose and decompose numbers, perform mathematical computations, build number sense abilities, and see number relationships. The school will be provided with training and model lessons on how to use the digi-blocks by the mathematics resource teacher. This project is not only essential to increase math test scores, but also to build strong mathematicians in the future.

Hampstead Elementary School
Laura Hunovice, Mathematics Resource Teacher
Using ‘Destination Math' to increase Student Achievement
The technology-based program River Deep's Destination Math Mastering Skills and Concepts II: Primary Mathematics will be used to support struggling students and students with special needs. The intervention will be implemented by the mathematics resource teacher with classroom teachers to meet the needs of the most at-risk students in grades 2-4. The program is highly engaging and provides excellent visual and auditory models. Additionally, students are able to monitor their own progress. The goal is to increase the number of students who are proficient in mathematics, increase success on assessments, and build both student's confidence and enjoyment of mathematics.

Liberty High School
Patricia DiLeonardi, Social Studies Teacher
Classroom Technology
U.S. History is full of rich primary sources that enhance the learning experience. Hearing a lecture will allow for an initial comprehension of material, but if the students also see pictures, maps, and documents, there is a greater chance of retention of that material. A computer projector and an Elmo Digital Zoom Document Camera will be used in the classroom to provide a richer learning experience for students.

Mechanicsville Elementary School
Robin Townsend, Principal
Sign Language Classes
American Sign Language classes will be provided to the classmates of a profoundly hearing impaired first grade student who only recently has been receiving the assistance she requires in order to communicate with others. The use of sign language will help the hearing impaired student communicate with her peers, ask questions, and have discussions with them. In addition, research supports that sign language is beneficial for young students because it involves both tactile and kinesthetic learning. It encourages students to keep their eyes on the teacher and “listen with their eyes.”

Minority Achievement and Intervention Programs
Patricia Levroney, Minority Achievement Liaison
Minority Family Forums
Several agencies have formed a coalition to plan and implement Regional Minority Family Forums throughout Carroll County to empower minority families to seek an active role in the school system. The goal is to provide families with information and resources on topics related to the school system. Participants enjoy a networking dinner, hear and meet guest speakers, have access to computers, and receive printed resource materials. The project is expected to serve 65 students and their families within the coming year.

Mt. Airy Middle School
Diane DeAtley, School Counselor
BUDS Peer Mentoring Program
This is a peer mentoring program among Mt. Airy Middle, Parr's Ridge Elementary, and Mt. Airy Elementary Schools . The middle school provides 6 th grade students who teach peacemaking skills and mentor 2 nd graders at Parr's Ridge. The peer mentors will follow these students yearly to 3 rd and 4 th grade at Mt. Airy Elementary. In the 5 th grade, the students who were mentored will mentor 1 st graders at Parr's Ridge and continue the cycle through all the grades. The names of the peer helpers will be passed on to the counselors at South Carroll High School , where they will continue to help others socially or academically.

New Windsor Middle School
Lisa Macurak, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
New Windsor Archaeological Dig
Students are taking part in an archaeological dig sponsored by the New Windsor Heritage Committee. The dig is located at ‘Spring House' which was once owned by the town's founder, Isaac Richardson Atlee, in 1797. The purpose of the dig is to find the foundation of another building and to piece together artifacts to determine what people did on the property. Student volunteers work on Saturdays in fair weather. Funds will be used to purchase equipment for the students to use during the dig.

North Carroll High School
Allen Deming, Technology Education Teacher
The Math of Land Surveying
Students will be given hands-on experience with the use of basic surveying equipment. The equipment will provide experiences in boundary layouts, playing field layouts, determination of elevations, etc. Students will be exposed to career possibilities in the land surveying field and engineering fields. These fundamentals will be used in classes in math, agriculture, landscaping, athletic training, technology education, manufacturing and construction, environmental construction, and drafting and design.

Oklahoma Road Middle School
Christen Mannino, Beth Prestianni and Joy Stewart – School Counselors
Student Mentoring Program
The mentoring program is designed to maximize resources in strengthening relationships with identified at-risk students to support academic achievement and personal growth. The funds will be used to cover the cost of materials for group activities and stipends for teachers for after-school hours spent with their assigned student mentees.

Oklahoma Road Middle School on Behalf of the YRead! Community Partnership
Dorothy Stoltz, Carroll County Public Library Outreach Services Manager
‘YRead!' A Young Adult Literature Conference
The YRead! Conference is a community-based project to reach teens ages 13-18, media specialists, librarians, teachers and other professionals. Community partners include Carroll Community College, Carroll County Public Library, Carroll County Public Schools, and McDaniel College . YRead! 2008 will feature young adult writer Terry Trueman, who has won numerous awards and will bring his unique perspective on this growing field of literature. The conference will conduct small group discussions and offer young adult reading lists and free books.

Robert Moton Elementary School
Vanessa Childs, Third Grade Teacher
‘Flash Masters'
Over 60 students will be assisted by the Flash Master Project. This tool is needed to enhance children's ability to compute timed subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division facts for each student. The Flash Master can be used in whole or small group settings.

Runnymede Elementary School
Karen Sirian, Vocal Music Teacher
World Music Drumming
World Music Drumming is a multicultural approach to music that allows students to immediately become engaged in performing with various rhythm instruments from around the world. This program will improve students' total school experience, enhance communication skills, improve auditory perception, develop rhythmic concepts and motor skills, foster social skills, and establish a sense of pride and self-confidence.

Sandymount Elementary School
Joanne Benson, Vocal Music Teacher
Jennifer Moore, Art Teacher
Virtual Field Trips, Cultures and Curriculum – Expanding Art and Music
New video equipment will enable the music and art teachers to break down the virtual walls of their classrooms, between art and music and students and the world. The teachers will be able to incorporate virtual field trips, coordinate lessons, and incorporate art activities into music and music activities into art using the Internet and visual/auditory presentations.

Spring Garden Elementary School
Denise St. Rose and Sherry Clower
Physical Education Teachers
Collaborative After-school Fitness Club
This program is a partnership with Eldersburg Elementary School. Please see the explanation under Eldersburg Elementary.

South Carroll High School
Mary Alexander, South Carroll High School PTSA
Early Childhood Play Area Revitalization
South Carroll High School includes an Early Childhood Education program as part of the ‘Pathways to Careers' initiative. The program provides hands-on experiences in early childhood development and education for students who may be interested in pursuing those areas as potential career paths. Funds will be used to provide a safe play environment that encourages free exploration and activates the imagination. Improved equipment will enhance motor skills of preschool children who participate in the program.

Taneytown Elementary School
Lauren Wieprecht
Special Education Resource Teacher
‘Earobics' Program for At-Risk Students
The Earobics program provides a computer-based practice in the skill areas of phonological awareness, auditory processing and phonics-based skills while tracking student progress and allowing an individualized customization of the program. Co-Writer is a word-predicting and processing program. It allows students to be more independent in writing if they struggle with the process of organizing, writing, and spelling in their written work.

Taneytown Elementary School
Patricia Heacock, Principal
Environmental Enhancement Project
Students, staff, families, and Taneytown/Northwest region community members will come together and volunteer their resources, skills, and manpower in a school grounds environmental enhancement project. The project will promote cleaner ground water, aesthetic enhancement, a plant/wildlife habitat, and renewable resources identified as part of CCPS science curricula, including life cycle of the monarch butterfly, insect studies, Chesapeake Bay and watershed studies, ecosystems, and plants.

West Middle School
Judith Guerrieri, Coordinator, Branches Program
Random House Reading Mentors
The Random House reading mentors program will improve student achievement by supporting and encouraging students in their reading. It is an excellent community partnership which provides students with small group or one-on-one attention. Mentored students will participate in monthly book club meetings. Random House sponsors author visitations to the school.

Westminster High School
Hugh Jamison, Engineering Team Advisor
Engineering Team Enhancement
The Engineering Team promotes academic excellence beyond the classroom and seeks to enrich student learning by making connections in the fields of engineering, science, and technology. Resources will be used for the continued grown of the team and to help the team remain competitive in regional and national engineering challenges. Members also will explore post-secondary and career opportunities in the science and engineering fields.

Westminster High School
Lauren Kimble, Teacher and Debate Coach, President of Carroll County Debate League
Speech and Debate Team
Competitive Speech and Debate is a rigorous academic program that encourages higher critical thinking abilities and the use of refined rhetorical skills. Speech and debate members meet after-school two days a week and compete in monthly competitions. The objectives of this program are to expand the debate program throughout Carroll County Public Schools and to continue to compete in the Carroll County Debate League and the Baltimore Catholic Forensics League.

Westminster High School
Laura Doolan, English Teacher, ETM Liaison, and Stand Up! Sponsor
Unity Week, Diversity Activities and Training
Stand Up! Strives to promote a school climate that is inclusive and free of discrimination. The group sponsors activities to improve climate, end discrimination, and celebrate diversity while supporting school-wide efforts to promote education that is multicultural.


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