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Judy Center, PNC and Education Foundation to Sponsor School Readiness Camps

Release Date: 7/2/2008 2:11:21 PM


A special announcement of an alliance between the Carroll County Judy Center and PNC Bank, made possible by the PNC Foundation, took place on Friday, May 23, 2008, at 10:30 a.m. at the Judy Center at Robert Moton Elementary School in Westminster . Representatives from PNC Bank, the Carroll County Public Schools Education Foundation, and the school system, as well as a number of students, were in attendance to formalize the alliance.

School Readiness Camps are being made possible by a donation of $20,000 by PNC Bank and an additional $5,000 donation by the Carroll County Public Schools Education Foundation. Together with the Carroll County Judy Center, PNC Bank and the Education Foundation will provide camps to increase the school readiness of identified youth so that they have the best possible start to succeed in school. In addition to the announcement, there will be an explanation of the program by PNC and school system representatives.

PNC has a long history of strengthening and enriching the lives of its neighbors in communities in which they live and work. To build on this commitment, PNC Grow Up Great, a 10-year, $100 million investment to help improve the school readiness was launched. The Grow Up Great program is now entering its fifth year.

Despite Carroll County 's affluence, it ranks in the bottom fourth in the state on measures of school readiness, a child's ability to enter kindergarten with the skills that make them ready to learn. It is important that the school system and the community need address the underlying causes and increase the school readiness of our youth.

The camps will serve approximately 100 identified four and five year old children at five locations in Carroll County during a four week period in the summer. Each of the five camps will serve 15 - 20 children, specifically identified by their CCPS pre-Kindergarten teachers and community partners as needing additional academic intervention prior to starting kindergarten. The camps will be staffed by highly qualified teachers and assistants. All camps will include breakfast and lunch, as there is a clear correlation between nutrition and education.

The camps will consist of half-day sessions, four days a week for four weeks. The children will be primarily low-income, but school-readiness factors are the main eligibility criteria for participation. There will be no cost to the families for the camp.

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