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October is Maryland Parent Involvement Month

Release Date: 10/7/2009 3:44:20 PM

Governor Martin O’Malley has issued a proclamation designating October as Maryland Parent Involvement Month. This is the first time that Maryland has dedicated a month to parent involvement, a critical element to student success.
The month of October will focus on raising awareness about the various types of parent involvement at schools across Maryland. Some of the ways parents may become involved in their child’s education include:
  • Communicating with school about their child's progress and program
  • Parenting their children at home through understanding their development and setting conditions at home that support children as students.
  • Volunteering in their child's class or at school and supporting the school program in whatever way they can.
  • Learning with their child by reading together, involving them in daily household activities, and discussing local and world events.
  • Collaborating with the community to support school-sponsored activities and programs.
  • Advocating for their school and engaging in decision-making by participating on committees, workshops, and organizations that support school improvement and student learning.  
During October, Carroll County Public Schools will begin the second round of training for Parent Guides, who will assist other parents within regional school communities to help all students achieve in school. In addition, the Department of Minority Achievement and Intervention Programs will launch new Parent Involvement web pages on the CCPS website at

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