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CCPS Education Foundation Presents Awards

Release Date: 5/14/2009 9:05:13 AM

The Carroll County Public Schools Education Foundation presented its third year of awards on Wednesday, May 13, 2009. Foundation Board members, Board of Education members, donors, and volunteers traveled to all of the awarded schools. Award winners were presented with large-size checks, corsages, and balloons in recognition of their award. The schools receiving awards and a brief description of the projects to be funded are listed below:
School/Applicant’s Name
Description of Project
Carroll County Career and Technology Center
Mike Campanile, Masonry Teacher
4th Annual Masonry Open at Brickgusta
The masonry program builds a miniature golf course each year within their shop. This is an opportunity to showcase the masonry level II students’ skills and promote the program. This design/build project uses a rubric - based on creativity and difficulty level. Students share the project during an Open House.
Carroll Springs School
Brandi Crawford, Music Teacher
Soundbeam: The Invisible Expanding Keyboard in Space
Soundbeam provides a medium through which even profoundly physically or learning impaired individuals can become expressive and communicate using music and sound. It provides students with a system where their slightest movements produce sound and music - allowing participation, exploration and creativity of music education.
Century High School
Jason Arnold, Math Teacher
CPS System for Classroom Differentiation and Participation
A CPS response system will be purchased for use in each class on a daily basis. This system allows for instantaneous student responses to daily homework quizzes, warm-ups, class examples, exit activities, quizzes, and tests. It also provides the teacher with immediate results in the form of detailed reports. Use of the system will increase student involvement, enthusiasm, and comfort level with learning math in the classroom.
Charles Carroll Elementary School
Michele Ziegler, Math Resource Teacher
This on-line math software program customizes math tutorials and activities to the individual user. It provides an opportunity for students to gain additional practice in applying their math skills and concepts. The objective of SuccessMaker is to provide additional math instruction and practice to students on an individualized basis to promote their learning and success in school.
East Middle School
Jennifer Goffena, Teacher/Team Leader
Middle School Parent Workshop
This workshop will be run using the book Middle School Guidebook. The purpose of the workshop is to increase parent involvement at the school and to increase achievement with the most at-risk students.
East Middle School
Amy Whalen Metz
Bulldog Bucks
This incentive program is designed to reinforce positive character traits, while at the same time exposing children to basic banking and budgeting skills. This program benefits students who are part of Carroll County’s BEST Program, which serves middle school students who have been identified as emotionally disturbed. The Bulldog Bucks program reinforces positive behavior in order for students to learn to accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions. This helps to create an atmosphere that is conducive to academic and personal growth.
East Middle School
Andrea Worthy, 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Manipulative Mondays
The objective of this project is to provide manipulatives to students to gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts. With the use of manipulatives, students will be able to explore, develop, test, discuss, and apply mathematical ideas learned throughout the mathematics curriculum. Eighth grade students have a 90-minute math lesson on a daily basis. On Mondays during the school year, the students and/or teacher will use these manipulatives during the last 45 minutes of classroom time to re-teach or reinforce the skills which were previously taught.
Eldersburg Elementary School
Denise Ovelgone, Art Teacher
Wildlife Habitats
This after-school art program will provide mentoring opportunities for local middle and high school students. Students will study the Amazon and the Serengeti as they learn about wildlife conservation and develop mock habitats to use as teaching tools. Each habitat will be constructed on bifold panels with a rolling platform. Students will master skills including proportion and measurement, balance engineering, and puppetry and robotics to help animate the animals.
Freedom Elementary School
Paula Albert, Integrated Language Arts Specialist
Robin Nawrot, Media Specialist
Early Literacy Summer Reading Books and Backpacks
This project targets students in grades K-3 who are reading below grade level and who do not participate in the Carroll County Public Library summer reading program. Forty students will receive summer reading materials and backpacks. The program will provide literature as a bridge between school years.
Friendship Valley Elementary School
Mary Ann Summers, Teacher
Junior Achievement Biz Town
Fourth grade students will visit Junior Achievement Biz Town in Owings Mills where they will run a town, have jobs, take out loans to start their own businesses, manage the businesses, and make and sell items to repay their loans. This will provide an authentic opportunity for students to practice the skills of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. Before the visit, they will be taught daily lessons by their classroom teachers about being productive citizens in a community as workers and consumers and relate these personal rules to the free enterprise system. They learn money management skills through practical knowledge of economic concepts and banking practice and will understand the importance of nonprofit organizations in our communities. They will apply and interview for jobs and learn how to manage a checkbook.
Hampstead Elementary School
Heidi Brewer, Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher
Regina Michel, Classroom Teacher
Einstein Challenge
The Einstein Challenge offers highly able students opportunities for differentiated instruction based on choice and interest. Activities encompass a range of subject areas that include math, science, social studies, literature, and grammar, as well as music, art, and culture. Students earn points which they may bank toward earning Junior (500 points) or Senior (1,000 points) Einstein status.
Hampstead Elementary School
Stephanie Hess, Health Teacher
Betsy Morton, Media Specialist
Reading ACES
This reading/walking club will be created to support reading progress and promote reading and physical activity. Listening to audio books while walking can help accomplish this goal while addressing current trends in obesity and literacy. “Playaway” digital audio books will be purchased to begin building an audio book collection with a range of reading levels and targeting a variety of student interests. The objectives of the project are to increase student physical activity levels, promote reading fluency and literacy, and encourage students to read for pleasure. The Reading ACES will kick off during the county’s Project ACES physical activity challenge and will continue to be available throughout the year during recess time.
Judy Center – Taneytown Elementary School
Andrea Neilson, Coordinator of Early Childhood Services
Carroll County Judy Center Partnership Family Involvement Events at Taneytown Elementary School
Eight family involvement events will be held to promote school readiness at the first satellite site of the Carroll County Judy Center Partnership. Events will include 1-2-3 Magic Parent Workshops, literacy and mathematics activities, and other opportunities to prepare families for school and enrich the academic development of children birth through 6 years old.
Linton Springs Elementary School
Judith Southworth
Math-A-Letes Math Club for Struggling Students
This program is designed for students who were hand selected due to low classroom performance, test scores, and previous teacher recommendation. The program encourages students to begin to enjoy mathematics, be more confident, and believe that one day they can be great math students. Students begin to develop a true number sense that will be an asset to every other concept in mathematics. The Club also supports Carroll County mathematics benchmarks and MSA math testing.
Linton Springs Elementary School
Nancy Tissue, Teacher
Terry Fischer, Integrated Language Arts Specialist
Improving Vocabulary Instruction
In 2007, Ms. Fischer and Ms. Tissue began focused instruction in vocabulary using a program created by vocabulary expert Isabel L. Beck. Students used the vocabulary in oral and written communication and were able to apply it to their reading. They will now take this instruction one step further by using more of Beck’s materials and sharing it with colleagues. Students will increase their ability to successfully utilize and apply vocabulary words in their daily conversations and writing and demonstrate increased vocabulary retention to improve reading comprehension.
Mechanicsville Elementary School
Nicholas Shockney, Principal
Sign Language Class
The goal of this project is to increase the ability of non-hearing impaired students to effectively communicate using American Sign Language (ASL) with a hearing impaired student. This will increase the comfort level of all the students in the classroom and contribute to an overall positive classroom climate. The school will contract with an ASL instructor to work with a classroom of students where there is a hearing impaired child. The students will learn ASL during recess once a week.
Mechanicsville Elementary School
Jamie Vought, 5th Grade Teacher
JA Biztown
Through daily lessons, hands-on activities, and active participation, students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and their successful participation in a local economy. JA Biztown helps prepare students for a lifetime of learning and academic achievement by introducing students to financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.
Middle Schools – All
Judy Gehr, Mathematics Resource Teacher
Enrichment for Mathematically Gifted Sixth Grade Students
This program was designed by Johns Hopkins University to help students explore mathematical concepts and be challenged to extend their knowledge. The goal is to make students more confident in their abilities, develop problem solving skills, learn to reason mathematically, and apply an understanding of mathematics to real-world problems. The program will enable students to be engaged in learning mathematics and challenge them beyond the accelerated curriculum preparing them for the double acceleration of seventh grade algebra.
Minority Achievement and Intervention Programs
Patricia Levroney, Coordinator of Minority Achievement and Community Outreach
CCPS Minority Parent Guide Training
Parent guides in the seven Carroll County school regions will be trained to educate, encourage, and empower parents who have children attending Carroll County Public Schools. Parents will attend a ten-week training conducted by the Minority Family Forum Planning Committee and the Maryland Parent Information Resource Center. The parent guides will assist other parents within a regional school community to establish an environment of acceptance and respect to promote student achievement. They will use a variety of skills and strategies to foster positive relationships between home and school and to help parents understand and negotiate school system policies and procedures.
Mt. Airy Middle School
Diane DeAtley, School Counselor
Building Understanding During School:
Buds Peer Mentoring Program
In this peer mentor program, sixth grade students from Mt. Airy Middle mentor second grade students at Parr’s Ridge Elementary School. These mentors following their students through third and fifth grades at Mt. Airy Elementary School. When the mentored students reach fifth grade, it is hoped that they will mentor first grade students and the cycle begins again. The objectives of this program are to increase grades and rates of attendance and decrease behavioral referrals. The mentors teach peacemaking skills to enhance interpersonal interactions.
North Carroll Middle School
Ruth Winsker, School Counselor
CHOICES – Creating Hope, Opportunity, Inspiration, and Caring While Educating Students
The intention of this project is to identify students who struggle with academics, attendance, and behavior. The year-long program will encompass mentoring, creating goals for the future, and supplying a vision for the future that otherwise may not have been available. Students will use the biography of Ben Carson as a discussion tool for resiliency, accomplishments, achievement, goals, etc. Students will visit colleges and hear speakers from the community and within the school talk about overcoming obstacles and career choices. High school mentors will be matched with students to support them both academically and emotionally. The main objective is to take a select group of students who have not connected to school socially and academically and instill ideas and goals that will enable them to reach their highest potential.
Oklahoma Road Middle School
Marlene Friedenberg, Reading Language Arts Teacher
Blair Reid, Media Specialist
This program targets at-risk sixth grade readers and their parents to motivate them to become active readers. The Face2Face program invites parents and students to read the same novel and then discuss the book. Students and parents are invited to an evening book discussion where they meet other students and parents who have read the same book. An author will be invited to one of the sessions and students will be able to talk with him/her about the book they read.
Outdoor School
Joe Stevens, Teacher
Wetland Classroom Technology Instructional Support
Outdoor School will purchase technological hardware that will allow them to expand and improve an already cutting edge environmental education program. The new technology will help to engage students at a higher level and will provide for scientific research that is currently unavailable in Carroll County. Students will be able to watch creatures underwater and over time, view macrobiotic life forms displayed at thousands of times their actual size, and engage in collaborative citizen science. Improvements in the facility will enhance and engage students from kindergarten through graduate school and serve as a model for other centers.
Parr’s Ridge Elementary School
Janelle Creighton, 2nd Grade Teacher
Mel Rhoads, Integrated Language Arts Teacher
Summer Tutorial Program: “Closing the Achievement Gap in Reading and Writing”
This summer intervention plan is designed to meet the academic needs of the school’s at-risk students as they transition from grade 1 to 2 and 2 to 3. Two highly qualified teachers will analyze student reading and writing data and design targeted instruction to meet individual needs. The project will provide intense small guided reading and writing instruction to maintain previously taught skills, prepare students for grade level tasks for the 2009-2010 school year, and foster the relationships between the school community, students, and their families.
Robert Moton Elementary School
Michelle Fyock, Classroom Teacher
Shannon Myers, Integrated Language Arts Specialist
Boys Read
Research shows that as boys travel through public education their engagement with reading drops significantly. This project will begin with an interest inventory that will assess the types of topics boys in grades K-2 find motivating. A library of books focused on these topics will be available to all students. A wider selection of boy-friendly reading materials will not only engage male students in reading but foster a lifelong love of reading.
Robert Moton Elementary School
John Perna and Ryan Kelly
Adapted Physical Education Coordinators
Adapted Physical Education Equipment Lending Library
This project will provide a number of usable specialized physical equipment items for use by traveling or itinerant adapted PE teachers to enhance the learning and development of students with special needs. Some of this equipment also will be used for the annual high school inclusion field day.
South Carroll High School
Jennifer Brauer, Guidance Counselor
Winfield Elementary School Mentors
The project will allow South Carroll High School students to mentor students at Winfield Elementary School. The high school students are paired up by the elementary school counselor based on teacher recommendations and counselor observations of students in need of extra assistance. Needs can range from academic to social and emotional. The high school students attend after school and meet with the students for an hour once a week.
South Carroll High School
Brad Widner, Social Studies Department Chair
SCHS Debate Team
The South Carroll High School debate team is an extracurricular academic program that meets weekly to discuss and plan for the monthly county debates. The program helps students better understand global topics and how these topics affect them. The program also allows students to see an issue from both sides and to develop their public speaking skills.
Spring Garden Elementary School
Diane Groft, Kindergarten Teacher
Using Anchor Texts to Teach Comprehension Strategies and Writer’s Workshop in Kindergarten
This project will use anchor texts to increase students’ ability to comprehend text and to improve their ability to write using the writer’s workshop process. Students are exposed to quality literature so they can understand that kindergarten children can write poems, stories, and books just like the authors they study. Literature also is used to teach various comprehension strategies during read-alouds.
West Middle School
Ken Mihalyov, Sixth Grade Science Teacher
What the H.E.A.K. Is Going On? – Home Energy Audit Kits
These kits will help raise awareness about environmental concerns while helping students and their families develop a home energy conservation plan. Using the kit, students will learn how to read their electricity and water utility bills and compare their family’s usage against state and national averages. They will become Draft Dodgers, Electricity Eliminators, and Water Warriors as they use tools and technology to conduct investigations and collect data related to their home’s energy efficiency. In order to check the success of their plans and perform a follow-up activity, the home energy conservation plans will be mailed home approximately two months later along with a survey to assess the plan’s effectiveness.
Westminster High School
Christy Wimmer, Social Studies Teacher
Interactive Digital Whiteboard
This tool allows both the teacher and students to utilize and access multimedia-based information in a way that is easy, immediate, and organic in the classroom setting. It allows the educator to access powerful technologies in order to provide students with vivid, high interest, interactive presentations which will increase performance in state-mandated assessments. This project allows students and teachers to access computer technology in a way that everyone can work collaboratively in a traditional classroom setting and gives all students access to computer technology without having to provide each student with their own computer.
Winfield Elementary School
Melissa Gotard, Mathematics Resource Teacher
FASTT Math Program
The objective of The FASTT (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) project is to help students in grades 2-5 become fluent with basic math facts and to build mathematical confidence in children in order for them to be successful with higher level mathematics such as algebra and problem-solving. The project differentiates instruction based on each student’s individual fluency levels in customized 10-minute daily sessions.
Winters Mill High School
Jennifer Herman, National Board Certified Teacher
Investing in Our Falcons
The objective of this project is to unite the entire student population in community and school-based programs that will allow them to “invest in the future.” The programs will be kicked-off with a unifying day on October 14, 2009. Each class will be involved in service-learning or testing activities in the morning. Seniors will have their senior thank-you breakfast and senior photos. The entire afternoon will be dedicated to a school-wide assembly on drug prevention and making positive lifestyle choices, followed by advisory lessons focused around investing in the Falcons. Other programs throughout the year include the Veterans Day assembly, 8th grade transition day, and the multicultural program.

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