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Latin Students Score on National Latin Exam

Release Date: 5/5/2009 2:45:38 PM

The National Latin Exam is offered under the joint sponsorship of the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League and offers certificates, awards, and scholarships to top achievers at all levels of Latin. The exam is designed to assess the level of Latin competence of students and covers a wide range of topics from reading comprehension to Latin grammar to mythology. More than 149,000 Latin students from all fifty states participated this year, as did students from thirteen foreign countries.
The participation of the Westminster High School and Winters Mills High School Latin students attests to their interest in challenging themselves and to enriching their school-based Latin learning.
The following students are from Westminster High School:
Latin I          
Mark Charvat, Silver – Magna Cum Laude
Laura Deyerberg, Gold – Summa Cum Laude
Corey Allred                
Josh Fetchko          
Latin II        
Michael Lake   
Latin III       
Loren Sloan 
Latin IV  
Alexandra Bezilla           
Marissa Fulton  
Amber Shriver         
Stephanie Shugars     
The following students from Winters Mill High School placed well over the national average of 28 on the Latin National Exam levels I, II, and V. A perfect score is 40.
Latin I         
Summer Bowling, Gold Summa Cum Laude
Matthias Kueppers, Gold Summa Cum Laude
Valerie Dunn, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Lauren Crocetti, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Amalie Trentzsch, Cum Laude
Catherine Raines, Cum Laude
Latin II        
Janki Jani, Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Latin V
Olivia Brundage, Maxima Cum Laude
Westminster High School and Liberty High Latin students also participated in a Certamen sponsored by the Maryland Junior Classical League in November, 2008  This is a fast-paced, jeopardy-style, academic competition which pits teams of Latin students from different schools from the Baltimore region against each other.
Maryland Junior Classical League Certamen Results:
Latin I level – Westminster High School won 2nd place (Team members Laura Deyerberg and Mark Charvat)
Latin III level – Westminster High School won 2nd place (Team members Alex Bezilla, Marissa Fulton and Stephanie Shugars)
The Liberty High School team won 4th place in their event (Team members Dominic Altobelli, Melissa Cutts, and Rob Doyle).
Congratulations also go to their teachers, Debra Rantanen at Westminster High School, Pedro Fernandez at Winters Mill High School, and Marina Shipley at Liberty High School. 

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