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Cranberry Station Elementary School Receives Honorable Mention Award for Reading Program

Release Date: 4/15/2009 8:47:31 AM

Cranberry Station Elementary School has received an Honorable Mention in the Exemplary Reading Program Awards sponsored by the International Reading Association. This award recognizes outstanding reading and language arts programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
The purpose of the award is to call the public’s attention to outstanding programs in schools throughout North America. Each participating state and province can choose one winning school. The objectives of the program are to improve literacy in society, recognize school staffs that demonstrate excellence in reading and literacy programs, and encourage the development and refinement of exemplary reading/language arts programs.
The teachers at Cranberry Station Elementary School have created an authentic learning environment which reflects “reading is thinking.” Professional development and collaborative planning sessions with the ILA specialist build teacher capacity and extend areas of focus across all areas of balanced literacy. Making thinking visible is the underlying pillar for planning instruction in reading comprehension. The students are taught to utilize comprehension strategies interchangeably, purposefully, and naturally in all subject areas. Reading is viewed as a process, which begins with an emphasis on thinking and comprehension and extends to writing instruction. As a result of these strategies and the exposure to acclaimed authors, a natural focus on vocabulary has occurred. Cranberry Station has hosted numerous schools in Carroll County to allow them to see reading as a strategic process. According to the staff at Cranberry Station, “Teaching reading is a purposeful process where children’s thinking is evident in their oral and written responses.”
Selection for the award is based on a reading program that is consistent with sound theory, research, and practice and facilitates student learning. Students must have access to a wide variety of reading materials and demonstrate success in reading. Comprehension strategies are taught and listening, speaking, viewing, and writing are integrated into and support the reading program. The school administrators and teachers provide leadership and vision for the program, as well as literacy activities occurring outside of the school. Parents and members of the school community are also involved in the reading program.

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