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East Middle School to Host Fourth Annual Shakespeare Festival

Release Date: 4/6/2009 10:59:31 AM

East Middle School will host its fourth annual Shakespeare Festival. During this event, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will be highlighted at three separate festivals to be attended by 5th grade students from East Middle’s feeder elementary schools. The dates are listed below:
Wednesday, April 15
William Winchester Elementary School
Thursday, April 16           
Cranberry Station Elementary School
Friday, April 17       
Charles Carroll and Robert Moton Elementary Schools.
This festival showcases the level of quality and character East Middle School produces and expects from its students and has two goals.  One main goal is to provide an enriching experience with Shakespeare for both the 8th grade English I students and the 5th graders.  The second goal is to provide a transition activity for East Middle’s future 6th grade class so they get a feel for the work ethic, expectations, and culture of the school.
To meet both needs, students will be introduced to the administration and will interact with 8th grade students. They will be exposed to the classrooms and cafeteria and will watch various slide shows that present students at work throughout the building during a normal school day.  In addition, they will be able to ask their assigned East Middle Ambassador questions about the school during the day’s activities.
The Shakespeare Festival will also provide students with an opportunity to participate in a series of interactive workshops, including Tableaux Vivant, Theater in the Round, Shakespeare’s Insults, The Art of Wooing and Complimenting, The Rude Mechanical Playhouse, and E-MOTIONS.  All workshops relate directly to the play and serve as an aid for the 5th graders to better understand the plot.
This program was a recipient of a $1,000 gift from the Carroll County Public Schools Education Foundation in 2008.  All of the money was used for this year’s Shakespeare Festival to provide free transportation for the elementary school visitors.

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